International Transaction Fees and Added Tax

International Transactions

International Transaction fees are charged by selected banks based on their policies. Hillsong Music's merchant, Stripe, is based in Australia. If you do not reside in Australia, we encourage you to check the policy of your credit card provider for your transaction rates or fees before making a purchase or subscribing to one of our services. *This includes purchases made in your local currency. 


The tax added to your purchases are always included in the item or service's advertised price. 

If you wish to know your added tax, the final value can be viewed from your cart at checkout. 

For orders outside the country of purchase, e.g. an order made for Brazil from the U.S. online store, taxes are not included in the final price of purchase, but are added in the customs process of shipment upon arrival in your nation. Please note that these taxes are based on the regulations of your country of residence. We encourage you to contact your local customs and immigration department to calculate your taxes on various items before completing an international purchase.

Local government websites may provide further information related to duties and taxes. Some of them are:


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