I'm Looking for Sheet Music for Piano Lullabies Volume 1 and/or 2

Sheet Music for the Piano Lullabies Volumes 1 & 2 can be found on the albums on which each song was originally released. We recommend searching the album title followed by "sheet music" to find the sheet music you're looking for. 

Helpful tips on finding the original album of a song release. 

  • A simple search through a search engine of the song title, followed by the word "album" should help you find the original album the song was released on. 
  • Searching the song on your preferred Digital Streaming Platform such as Spotify or Apple Music may also help you find the album. 
  • You can always contact us via live chat at hillsongstore.com or email us at resources@hillsong.com if you need some help finding the original album release. 
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