Tell The World Hillsong Kids Album

"We are believing and praying that "Heaven will open" over you and your beloved children as you listen to this album. Children are the "strategic planting of the Lord" entrusted to our care and stewardship. Even as a passionate Youth generation have risen up and are doing mighty exploits across the earth to the GLory of God, this next generation of children are going to arise also and accomplish even more. Psalm 145:4 "One generation shall praise Your works to another and shall declare Your mighty acts." - Brian and Bobbie Houston 

Includes favorites such as “My Redeemer Lives” and the title track “Tell The World” plus fresh new songs written specifically for children that will cause them to see how great our God is. Perfect for your children's ministry or home.


What songs is available from Tell The World Album?

Below is the song list from Tell The World album:


  1. Tell The World
  2. My Number One
  3. My Redeemer Lives
  4. Light Of The World
  5. You're The Answer
  6. Yoyrs Alone
  7. I want The World To Know
  8. Forever
  9. Power In Your Name/Devotion
  10. God So Loved
  11. Lean On You
  12. I'm Not Ashamed


Does Tell The World Album comes in DVD format?

Tell The World album is available in DVD. Click here for more information.


What is the different between DVD and CD for Tell The World?

Special features from DVD:

  • Learn the actions
  • Behind the scenes interviews
  • "You're The Answer" music video
  • Live song selection
  • Accompaniment track videos with full stereo and split track files for four songs
  • Preview of Hillsong Kids BIG, exciting new children's ministry curriculum
  • Subtitles: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Korean

Tell The World DVD featuring 3 episodes each with live worship for kids, memory verses, interactive teaching and real like kid's stories.


Episode 1 - Tell The World God Loves You

  1. Tell The World
  2. My Number One
  3. God So Loved
  4. Forever

Episode 2 - Tell The World Jesus Lives

  1. My Redeemer Lives
  2. Lean On You
  3. Power in Your Name
  4. Light Of The World

Episode 3 - Tell The World I am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel

  1. I'm Not Ashamed
  2. I Want The World To Know
  3. You're The Answer
  4. Yours Alone


Do you have downloadable format for Tell The World Hillsong Kids Album?

Tell The World is available in mp3 downloadable version. For more information, simply visit the page here


Is Tell The World album available in the Curriculum pack?

Tell The World album is included in the Curriculum pack as Worship CD. visit Tell The World Curriculum page for more information.


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