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The Colour Sisterhood NIV Bible 2014

Link to resource in webstore: The Colour Sisterhood Bible 2014

Description: Within these pages you will find the complete NIV translation of the Bible. Included also is a list of forty Bible women who found themselves written into the Greatest Love Story ever told. Their lives left an imprint on history and we pray that it will inspire you to do likewise.

We trust this stunning edition will water what is within you, and help you gain a deeper understanding and revelation of who He is and His magnificent purpose for your life.

We pray that it will be a blessing to you personally and to any friends or loved ones that you might decide to "gift" this to. Bible is currently not available on UK store. Will be back on all stores from March 2018.

NIV Word Bible 2015

Link to resource in webstore:  NIV Word Bible 2015

Description: God’s words are alive. He reveals Himself through them, and they transform us as we put our faith and confidence in Him and what He has said. These words are our lifeline; they sustain us and point us to Jesus. God says that if we align our thinking and lives with His Word, we’ll be transformed from the inside out.

The Word Bible 

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This version of the New Living Translation Bible may be unlike any other Bible you’ve seen before. The images within are not designed to replace the Word of God, but to complement the message and illustrate what you’re reading.

99% of the images and production of WORD came from volunteers of Hillsong Church London. Our desire is to present the truth of God and His Kingdom in a way that is beautiful, relevant, and authentic.


  • The Word Bible is New Testament Only.
  • New Testament books found in the Word Bible are not found in traditional canonical order.
  • The Word Bible is only available in one font size.  

Peace Light Love - Colour Sisterhood New Testament

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This version of The Message New Testament also contains images and descriptions that reiterate the purpose and key verses that speak to the foundational messages of The Colour Sisterhood.


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