"Faith Hope & Love Bedtime Story Book" - Hillsong Kids FAQ

Q: Where Can I Purchase "Faith Hope & Love Bedtime Story Book"?

A: You can purchase "Faith Hope & Love Bedtime Story Book" at the following link: https://hillsongstore.com/faith-hope-love-bedtime-story-book/


Q: I can't find "Faith Hope & Love Bedtime Story Book" on the Hillsong Store. Is it available? 

A: If a resource is not shown on the webstore, it is most likely low on stock at your nearest warehouse. Contact Resources@hillsong.com to check specific availability and/or inquire about international shipping. 

Q: How does the "Faith Hope & Love Bedtime Story Book" differ from the Faith Hope & Love Curriculum? 

A: This bedtime stories book is a collection of 9 short stories from our Hillsong Kids BiG Curriculum, Faith Hope & Love. It's great as a standalone resource for your Kids, but is also a great weekly support to the Church-based Curriculum. 

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