Colour Conference 2019 Download Access

We have listed the 2019 Sydney Colour Conference on our Teaching website which is being hosted at

If you purchased the Colour 2019 Sessions and Photobook and you want to know how to redeem your code, click here:

If you have purchased the Digital access from our main store at, then a digital account has been created for you on our digital mainframe. In this process, you should receive an email from "Hillsong Teaching" which would include a link to your digital account. By clicking on this link, you have verified your account and will be taken to the Teaching digital mainframe where you can access and download the audio and video resources.

If you have not received this email, it's possible the email has landed in a junk mail box. If you are not able to locate it, you are welcome to visit the Teaching mainframe to log in from there. Please follow the steps pictured below to log in and access the Colour Conference videos.


1. Go to and click on "Sign In" at the top right hand corner of the page.



2. Enter your email address and click "next".



3. You can reset your password from this page or you can elect to receive an access email to your email address.



4. If you chose to receive an access email, it will arrive from "Hillsong Teaching". Click on "Sign In Now" to proceed.



5. You will see a page confirming you have signed in. Click on "start watching" to proceed to the digital mainframe.



6. You will then be given the option to set your password once you have entered the site. This is highly recommended as you will have easy access back into the mainframe without relying on email verification.



7. You should be viewing the "Browse" page which lists the different options available on the teaching site. The top category labelled "Series" is linked to our Teaching Subscription. You have purchased a digital download, which is listed in the section under "Titles available for purchase". Notice that the Colour Conference 2019 does not have a "lock" at the bottom right hand corner. This means that this is the resource you have purchased.



8. Click on the "Sydney Colour Conference 2019" option under "Titles Available For Purchase" and you will be taken to the video and audio list.



If you have any questions regarding the video and audio files, please feel free to contact us at 

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