Do we need permission to use Hillsong songs in our church services?

There are two ways in which our songs are usually used during church services. The first is to have your band play our songs, and the second is to have your congregation sing along to one of our CD's, DVD's, or Split Tracks.

The rights connected to having a band play our songs in a worship service is exempt from live performance licensing by most Performing Rights Organisation (PRO’s) across the world, so churches do not require a licence to do this. However the act of performing any music in concerts, ticketed conferences or outdoor outreaches that are not classified as regular “worship services” is, by law required to be licensed. Please contact the PRO’s in your country for further information, or click here.

Our songs and resources (CD's and DVD's) are created with the express purpose of enhancing worship, therefore, you are welcome to use our songs, CD's, DVD's and Split Tracks as part of your services with our blessing. This does not include displaying lyrics (PowerPoint Presentation, overhead projector, printing lyrics in bulletins, etc.), recording the music onto CD, MP3, DVD, or broadcasting the music via television or the internet. See here (next question) for further details.

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