Can we use Hillsong recordings in the streaming of our church services (i.e. backing tracks or multitracks)?

CCLI have a live streaming license that is available for churches who wish to use Hillsong songs within their live streamed services. For further information about this you can go to

While we recognise there are many streaming options for churches today, we highly recommend YouTube & Facebook when it comes to streaming services online as the best option when using any Hillsong sound recordings. (If you use YouTube & Facebook during this COVID-19 pandemic time, we will treat our sound recording in your stream as noncommercial and therefore “User Generated Content” which means an automatic license within YouTube & Facebook will apply).

Your channel will receive an automated third-party claim, this will not affect your channel, or block content and should display accordingly on your video. To ensure there are no automated blocks, we recommend YouTube.

If you require a different type of master use (such as on a platform that is not YouTube or Facebook), please email We can review and will endeavour to respond within 24-48 hours.

We have also partnered during this period with to have our Multitrack stems licensed for free for church streaming. (to be used in conjunction with a CCLI streaming license).

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