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We never want finances to prevent local churches using our songs. This is why we launched the Hillsong Worship Kit Initiative. Email resources@hillsong.com with the below information and our team will be in contact.


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- Church name

- Contact details

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- Church website (if applicable)

- In a few sentences, tell us about your church and worship team



Instrument Parts

Learn how the Hillsong Worship team plays every song on There Is More. Includes instructional videos for the below instruments plus minus mixes with click track for each instrument.

  • Drums
  • Bass guitar
  • Electric guitar 
  • Keys

Sheet Music

Sheet Music (PDF) for every song from THERE IS MORE in the below modules:

  • Lyric Chord Charts (LCC)
  • Lead Sheet (LS)
  • Piano Vocal Guitar (PVG)
  • Pro Chart (PC)
  • Lyrics
  • Nashville Number System (NNS)

Trax MP3 Library

MP3 files of every song from 'THERE IS MORE' in the below configuration:

  • Instrumentals (Backing tracks with no backing vocals)
  • Backings (Backing tracks with backing vocals)
  • Split Tracks (Stereo audio track with backing vocals in one channel and instrumental in the other)

Special Edition

For those that want the full 'THERE IS MORE' experience, the Special Edition is the ideal solution. Presented in a beautiful, 32-page hardcover book, the 'THERE IS MORE Special Edition' provides a stunning visual experience of the lyrics from each song, exclusive writings from our songwriters, and scriptures that inspired the writing journey. In addition, this collection includes:

  • Audio CD 
  • Full-length DVD
  • Access to download the full audio, full video, 
  • Access to download five bonus audio recordings, including 'Who You Say I Am’ and  ‘Remembrance’ in an intimate live acoustic recording


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