Why was the Peace Music Video Taken Down?

We’ve continued to receive many comments on the P E A C E music video and although we’ve had lots of really encouraging feedback, we‘ve also heard reports that the video didn’t sit well with some people.

The truth is that the video was well-intended and we still believe it was a good depiction of the song’s subject matter. However, we‘re concerned that the message of the song has become overshadowed by controversy due to the music video, and that doesn’t sit well with us at all.

So, we’ve decided to remove the video from YouTube.

For us, the most important thing of all is that our music invites people to experience the peace, grace and goodness of Jesus – and all else is a distant second to that aim!

Read the full article here: https://hillsong.com/collected/blog/2018/03/about-the-peace-music-video/


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