Y&F III - Album Credits


  1. LET GO: WORDS & MUSIC BY: Aodhan King
  2. EVERY LITTLE THING: WORDS & MUSIC BY: Bede Benjamin-Korporaal, Michael Fatkin, Aodhan King & Ben Tan
  3. JUST JESUS: WORDS & MUSIC BY: Michael Fatkin & Benjamin Hastings
  4. FIRST LOVE: WORDS & MUSIC BY: Benjamin Hastings, Aodhan King & Ben Tan
  5. HEART OF GOD: WORDS & MUSIC BY: Aodhan King & Jonas Myrin
  6. JESUS LOVES ME: WORDS & MUSIC BY: Aodhan King, Benjamin Hastings & Marty Sampson
  7. DAYS GONE BY: WORDS & MUSIC BY: Ben Tan & Karina Wykes
  8. HOW DEEP IS THE LOVE: WORDS & MUSIC BY: Aodhan King & Michael Fatkin
  9. PUSH/PULL:  WORDS & MUSIC BY: Aodhan King, Ben Tan, Tracy Pratt & Brooke Ligertwood
  10. LOVE WON'T LET ME DOWN: WORDS & MUSIC BY: Michael Fatkin & Alexander Pappas
  11. MORE OF YOU: WORDS & MUSIC BY: Alexander Pappas, Michael Fatkin & Melodie Wagner-Mäkinen
  12. HINDSIGHT: WORDS & MUSIC BY: Michael Fatkin, Benjamin Hastings, Aodhan King & Alexander Pappas
  13. PEACE: WORDS & MUSIC BY: Benjamin Hastings, Michael Fatkin & Melodie Wagner-Mäkinen
  14. SELAH III: WORDS & MUSIC BY: Michael Fatkin, Aodhan King & Robbie Hellberg
  15. HIGHS & LOWS: WORDS & MUSIC BY: Aodhan King, Ben Tan & Joel Houston

Best Pastors in the World Brian & Bobbie Houston (Mum & Dad) / Executive Producers Laura Toggs & Joel Houston (and they’re siblings... how cute) / Producers Aodhan King, Ben Tan, Michael Fatkin & Michael Guy Chislett (BFFs) / Recorded at The Grove Studios, Somersby, Australia; Studios 301, Sydney, Australia; Golddust Studios, Sydney, Australia; Baxter House III Studios, Sydney, Australia & Henson Recording Studios, Hollywood, USA / Manager Johnny Rays / Project Managers Matthew Capper & Kris Hodge / Tracks 1, 5-10, 12, & 14-17 Mixed by Ben Whincop, Sydney, Australia / Tracks 4 & 11 Mixed by Sam Gibson at Cardiff Creative Lab, UK / Tracks 2, 3 & 13 Mixed by Veronica Ferraro for Manncom Creative Partners, France / Mastered by Bruno Gruel at Elektra Mastering, France / Audio Engineers Michael Guy Chislett, Ben Whincop, Ben Tan, Grant Konemann, Michael Fatkin, Michael Zuvela, Ben Tennikoff, Cameron Robertson, Brendan Tan, Jack McGrath & Ryan Hughes / Assistant Engineers Jack Garzonio (Studios 301), Rob Bruce (The Grove Studios) & Matt Tuggle (Henson Recording Studios) / Art Nathan Cahyadi, Harrison Dunwell & Laura Toggs

Hillsong Young & Free Lead Vocals Aodhan King, Laura Toggs, Karina Wykes, Alexander Pappas, Melodie Wagner-Mäkinen, Renee Sieff, Tracy Pratt & Alexander Epa Iosefa / Backing Vocals Tyler Douglass, Ben Tan, Bella Taylor Smith, Brooke Ligertwood, Bella Beach, Isaac Fisher, James Bayliss, Benjamin Hastings & Kris Hodge / Gang Vocals Y&F Choir, Kris Hodge, Gloria Mati-Leifi, Taga Paa, Rachel Helms, Danniebelle Whippy, Rika Setu-Galo & Dee Uluirewa / Drums Brendan Tan / Bass Tom Furby / Moog Bass Tom Furby, Jack McGrath, Michael Fatkin & Ben Tennikoff / Electric Guitars Ben Tan, Aodhan King, Michael Guy Chislett & Dylan Thomas / Acoustic Guitars Ben Tan, Aodhan King & Alexander Pappas / Piano Robbie Hellberg, Ben Tan, Aodhan King & Jack McGrath / Synthesizers Jack McGrath, Robbie Hellberg, Ben Tan, Michael Fatkin, Ben Tennikoff & Kris Hodge / Programming Michael Fatkin, Ben Tan, Cameron Robertson, Jack McGrath, Ben Tennikoff, Robbie Hellberg & Brendan Tan / Percussion Brendan Tan & Grant Konemann / Vocal Coach Dee Uluirewa

String Arrangements by Jared Haschek & Dylan Thomas / Strings & Horns Recorded by Phil Threlfall at The Base, South Melbourne / Trumpet & Flugel Tristan Rebien / French Horns Rob Shirley & Rachel Shaw / Trombone & Bass Trombone Kieran Conrau / Violins Erica Kennedy, Freya Franzen, Peter Clark & Imelda Yalcin / Viola Will Clark / Cello Zoe Knighton

SELAH I Words and Music by Aodhan King & Jonas Myrin / © 2018 Hillsong Music Publishing/ CCLI: 7110928/ Billy Graham Sample ©1973 BGEA. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

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