This Is Our God - Hillsong Worship

Where can I get the copy of the This Is Our God album?

This Is Our God is available in the formats below on our site:


Digital Audio (MP3):

What songs are included in the This Is Our God album?

Tracklist for This Is Our God:

  1. Your Name High
  2. Run
  3. Desert Song
  4. This Is Our God
  5. He Is Lord
  6. High And Lifted Up
  7. Stronger
  8. You Are Here (The Same Power)
  9. You Deserve
  10. Across The Earth
  11. Where We Belong
  12. Sing To The Lord
  13. You'll Come
  14. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Is there Sheet Music or Performance Tracks available?

Yes, you can find these resources for this album at the links below.

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