God Is In The House - Hillsong Worship

Where can I get the copy of the God Is In The House album?

God Is In The House is available in digital format (mp3 files) from this page:


If you wish to find the CD, please check your local Christian Bookstore or Amazon.com  

What songs are included in the God Is In The House album?

Tracklist for God Is In The House:

  1. God Is In The House
  2. Joy In The Holy Ghost
  3. Steppin' Out
  4. My Heart Sings Praises
  5. And That My Soul Knows Very Well
  6. Jesus What A Beautiful Name
  7. Let The Peace Of God Reign
  8. I Give You My Heart
  9. Walking In The Light
  10. Your People Sing Praises
  11. I Believe The Promise
  12. Thank You Lord
  13. Lord Of The Heavens
  14. I Will Run To You
  15. God Is In The House (Reprise)

Is there Sheet Music or Performance Tracks available?

Yes, you can find the digital trax library for this album at the link below.


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