What's the difference between the Shine Girl and Shine Women programs?

Shine GIRL works with any group of girls aged between 12 - 15 years and uses specific language and activities targeted at this particular age group, while the Shine WOMEN course is designed for women of all age groups - from those new to womanhood to those celebrating retirement and their senior years of life.

Each Shine WOMEN group will differ due to the group member’s demographics and life experiences however the course itself is designed to transcend all cultural and age related boundaries.

The Shine GIRL curriculum contains 9 sessions that are designed to be run over a period of 9 weeks while Shine WOMEN curriculum contains 8 sessions that are designed to be run over a period of 8 weeks. We recommend that both programs have a maximum of 15 participants with 1 facilitator and 1-2 co-facilitators.  Both programs can be adjusted depending on how much time you will be allocating to each session and at what pace you choose to travel through the program. 

We have endeavored to make the programs as adaptable as possible for Schools/Organisations to suit their various restraints and requirements and we have endeavored to give facilitators all the necessary tools to easily adapt the content of either program to suit the particular needs of the participants in any groups.

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