Is there a participant assessment component to STEKO?

The Lead Facilitator can use formative assessment (which is the process of gathering feedback during the sessions) to assess if a participant is achieving the session outcomes. The teaching and learning activities are structured to enable the participants to achieve the outcomes. Formative assessment tools include the facilitator:

  • Receiving informal feedback as a participant works through activities and contributes to group discussions, and
  • Having each participant keep a portfolio of selected work from the sessions.

The STEKO Training Course includes information about what a STEKO team member might observe in the children's responses to demonstrate that the outcomes are being achieved. A child's achievement of the session outcomes will contribute to their achievement of the programme aims.

Where the programme forms a part of an integrated unit of work in a school, the class teacher can put in place assessment tasks to further enable them to evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching and learning. There are no summative assessment tools included with the programme.

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