Colour Conference 2019 Sessions and Photobook - How to Apply my Digital Download Code

This Hard cover photo book includes an access code to download audio and video recordings of messages from 2019 Colour Conference (Conference 1 & 2).

Q: Where Can I find my Code? 

A: The Code can be found on the back page of your Session Book. It should be a 12-digit code that looks something like this: 1a34g5-7a52b9


Q: Where do I go to redeem my Code? 

A: The following link will take you right to the redemption page:


Q: How do I apply my Code? 

A: Follow the instructions below: 

  • Check the "use coupon" box and type in your code. Make sure to include the dash/hyphen. The field is not case-sensitive. 
  • Press "Apply" 
  • Enter your Email Address. 
  • Press "Redeem"
  • Proceed through the prompts. 
  • Press "Start Watching" 





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