What are the guidelines on how my return should be shipped?

Hillsong Music & Resources goes to great lengths to ensure each customer has the same great experience as the last. That's why we pay close attention to the condition in which our returns arrive back with us. 

We ask that you please carefully read the following conditions that are required before an item can be received and redistributed from our warehouse:

  • If you are returning apparel, please use the original plastic packaging to return.
  • Apparel needs to be folded and packed in the condition it was originally sent to you; plastic needs to be resealed (use clear sticky tape if it's needed to ensure it is sealed as originally packed), the tag needs to be attached, CD/DVD's and books need to be unopened and unused (this includes shrink wrap). All garment bags are resealable and do not need to be torn in order to test sizing.

Please Note: Anything that falls outside these criteria will be marked as unacceptable returns by our third-party warehouse, which simply means they cannot be redistributed to a future customer in the same condition and will need to be discarded. In this case, we will not be able to issue a refund but as a consolation will be happy to offer you store credit out of goodwill. 

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