Let There Be Light - Hillsong Worship

Where can I get the copy of the Let There Be Light album?

Let There Be Light is available in the formats below on our site:

CD / DVD / CD+DVD / BluRay / VR Special Edition: https://hillsongstore.com/let-there-be-light/

Digital Audio (MP3): https://hillsongstore.com/let-there-be-light-digital-audio/

Digital Deluxe Audio (MP3): https://hillsongstore.com/let-there-be-light-digital-deluxe-audio/

Longform Video (MP4): https://hillsongstore.com/let-there-be-light-digital-long-form-video/

Video & Deluxe Audio (MP3+MP4): https://hillsongstore.com/let-there-be-light-digital-long-form-video-and-deluxe-audio/

What songs are included in the Let There Be Light album?

Tracklist for Let There Be Light:

  1. Behold (Then Sings My Soul)
  2. Love So Great
  3. Look To The Son
  4. Crowns
  5. What A Beautiful Name
  6. Your Word
  7. Let There Be Light
  8. In Control
  9. Grace To Grace
  10. Elohim
  11. I Will Boast In Christ
  12. As It Is (n Heaven)

Are there Performance Resources available?

Yes, you can find these resources for this album at the links below.

Music Book / Instrument Parts / Worship Kit: https://hillsongstore.com/let-there-be-light/

Digital Sheet Music: https://hillsongstore.com/let-there-be-light-digital-sheet-music/

Digital MP3 Trax Library: https://hillsongstore.com/let-there-be-light-digital-trax-mp3-library/

Digital Instrument Parts: https://hillsongstore.com/let-there-be-light-digital-instrument-parts/

Digital Worship Kit: https://hillsongstore.com/let-there-be-light-digital-worship-kit/

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