Does Hillsong College offer study via correspondence?

At the moment the only online courses we offer are the Degree Online Courses. The degree online course means you can study the Bachelor of Theology, Bachelor of Ministry and Master of Arts (Christian Studies) online in conjunction with Hillsong College. For more information click here:

These courses are different to the Vocational Programs wherein you can choose a stream to major in i.e. Pastoral Leadership, Worship Music, TV & Media, Production, Dance 
If you wish to pursue streams you will need to do those courses in person in Sydney, if however, you wish to study the Bachelor of Theology or Bachelor of Ministry you could start with the degree Online.

Students who have already completed the Diploma of Ministry (2 years) or the Advanced Diploma (3 years) can obtain credit to enter into the Bachelor of Ministry or Bachelor of Theology courses online - they will need to submit their transcripts when applying to obtain the relevant credits. Students with any undergraduate degree can apply for the the Master of Arts.

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