Where can I find curriculum samples?

You can find samples for our curriculums at the links below.

Head Heart Handshttps://hillsong.com/store/curriculum/head-heart-hands/

Faith Hope and Lovehttp://hillsong.com/faith-hope-and-love/

12 Month Collection: https://hillsong.com/product/12-month-collection-hillsong-kids-12-month-collection/(This set contains the first four Hillsong Kids BiG releases: Tell The World, Follow You, Supernatural, and Seasons. Please see these pages for more information)

Seasons: https://hillsong.com/product/seasons-hillsong-kids/


Follow You: https://hillsong.com/product/follow-you-hillsong-kids/

Tell The World: https://hillsong.com/product/tell-the-world-hillsong-kids-packs/ If you do not see a link to view a sample on these pages, some work may be in progress for these links. Please contact our team at resources@hillsong.com for more details.

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