What is included in LEAD, CREATE, HELP Stream Conference Packs?

Here are the masterclass groupings from Hillsong Conference Sydney 2015.

1. Pressure Cooker: Family & Leadership: Joel & Julia A'Bell
2. Preaching In Season & Out: Robert Fergusson
3. The Church & Cultural Engagement: Terry Crist
4. Armour Bearer: Gary Clarke
5. Facing The Storm: Scott 'Sanga' Samways
6. Preaching: Jentezen Franklin
7. Women in Leadership: Bobbie Houston & Friends
8. Anointing & Authority: Phil Dooley
9. Generational Leadership: Judah Smith


1. The Hillsong Q&A: JD & Hillsong Team
2. Worship Leading: Ben Fielding & Panel
3. Musician - Keys: David Andrew & Team
4. Musician - Guitar: Nigel Hendroff & Team
5. Youth Worship: Laura Toggs and Y&F Team
6. Vocalists: Hillsong Team
7. Creating Highlights In Church Life: Cass Langton & Team
8. Songwriting: Joel Houston & Team
9. The Creative Leader: Cass & Rich Langton


1.Toolbox For Your Community: Nick Rough
2. We All Have Issues: Karen Horn & Panel
3. Community Transformation: Darren Kitto & Team
4. Missions & Development: Darren Kitto & Team
5. Global Transformation Through The Local Church: Fred Markert
6. The Church & Cultural Engagement
7. Pressures Facing Youth Today: Warlow & Lounder
8. Engaging Church & Culture: Terry Crist
9. Modern Missions: Rod Plummer


The full set is available for purchase at these links:
DVD Pack: https://hillsong.com/product/hillsong-conference-2015-collection/
Digital Pack: https://hillsong.com/product/hillsong-conference-2015-digital/

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at resources@hillsong.com

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