How do I access my Hillsong Kids curriculum digital files?

When an order is placed for a digital curriculum, a confirmation email as well as an email containing an access link to our digital mainframe will be sent. Sometimes the second email may not come through directly to the main inbox, but may land in the junk mail box due to its promotional nature.

If you have not received this email and know your order has been processed, you can sign in to our digital mainframe directly by following the steps below.

1. Go to
2. On the upper right hand side, click on SIGN IN
3. Enter your email address and click NEXT
4. You will receive an email with a link to download.

Please note, this email may land in your junk mail box. Once you have clicked on the access link and verified your email address, you will be able to access your download via our digital mainframe from this link,

If you have any issues with receiving the access link or have purchased digital curriculums from our previous mainframes and need new access, please contact us at

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