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You are agreeing to subscribe for a minimum of 12 months to the Hillsong Licensing Program for Curriculum content. As this program is a licensing right to utilise the content, the ownership of all the content, both in intellectual property and in physical form resides with Hillsong Church Ltd ("Hillsong"). • Hillsong agrees to send a digital copy of the curriculum’s facilitator’s handbook and more materials that are not subject to the terms and conditions • Streaming Only • Internet access required. • Compatible with Mac or PC. • You authorise Hillsong Music Australia to charge your credit/debit card the agreed amount at the time of successful application and thereafter at the start of each calendar month. You may cancel your Hillsong Curriculum License at any time after twelve months with no penalty by contacting our Customer Service Team 02 8853 5300 after which time you agree you will cease to utilise any of the content. • Minimum Financial Commitment of the Hillsong Curriculum License is equal to twelve months subscription.• If you sign up to the Shine & Strength license or the Kids Curriculum License you agree to a payment of $50 per month which will be charged to your credit card at the beginning of each month. Total minimum cost is $600 per annum. The payment will appear as a charge from Hillsong Music Australia. • If you sign up to the Ministry School license you agree to a payment of $100 per month which will be charged to your credit card at the beginning of each month. Total minimum cost is $1,200 per annum. • Total annual cost for the complete subscription is $1,800 per annum • Cancellation prior to twelve months subscription period will incur a cancellation fee equivalent to the Minimum financial commitment (above) less subscription fees already paid. • If at any time your credit/debit card charges are rejected by your financial institution, you will be contacted on the details you provide and your account may be suspended. • As additional curriculum content materials become available for this program, you will be notified by email and the said content will be distributed to the current email address we have on file. • These terms and conditions may change from time to time. The most up-to-date version of our terms and conditions will always apply. • We review our subscriptions periodically and may change them from time to time. We will give you at least 28 days notice prior to any proposed change by emailing you at the email address we have on our records. If you do not wish to accept changes to your subscription, including price changes, you may cancel your membership in accordance with the cancellation policy below. If you do not cancel your membership your credit card payments will be amended accordingly from the date on which the change becomes effective. • The license will continue as a renewable subscription until such time as you give 28 days notice of your intention to terminate the license ("Notice Period"). During the Notice Period, all materials, with the exception of the student handbooks, together with a copy of the termination notification email, will be returned to Hillsong to the following address: Reply Paid 1195, Hillsong Music Australia, Castle Hill NSW 1765, Australia. All notifications of intention to cancel should be sent via email to Should Hillsong not receive the materials in the form so described, your credit card will continue to be charged until such time as the materials and copy of email are received.

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