What is included in the Digital Trax MP3 Library?

The Digital Trax MP3 Library contains the backing, split and instrumental tracks for all of the songs within an album. We do not have single tracks available for purchase from our site. Please see the descriptions of the song formats below.

  1. Backing Trax have the lead vocal removed. This allows you to sing along with the music and backing vocals.

  2. Split Trax have the lead vocal removed and the backing vocals separated from the music, each located on the left & right audio channels. This enables you to adjust the levels to your liking. You will need to play the Split Trax on a system that can change the balance between the left and right audio channels.

  3. Instrumental Trax have the lead and backing vocals removed.

If you are looking for a certain album's Digital MP3 Trax Library, you are welcome to use the search bar on our site, hillsongstore.com, to find this resource or send our team an email for further assistance at resources@hillsong.com

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