Hillsong Store Canada - FAQ

How can I access Hillsong Store Canada?

Hillsong store Canada be accessed at http://www.hillsongstore.ca

What currency is used at Hillsong Store Canada?

The currency used at Hillsong Store Canada is CAD.

Can I still get all resources that I usually get from Hillsongstore.com?

Hillsong Store Canada has similar availability with Hillsong Store in the US region. We are using a local warehouse and will be continuously maintaining the stock level.

Where can I find Y&F hoodies at Hillsongstore Canada?

As this store is a new launch, resources and apparel available on this store are mostly from our recent releases and Conferences. The Y&F Apparel Range from previous years might not be available and we will not be restocking these items due to the production year. New apparel and merchandise are usually released twice a year during Colour Conference and Hillsong Conference.

Do you have promo for the store launch?

Free shipping is available for local shipment until the END of November 2017. Christmas Specials are available through the store. Visit the Christmas page for more details or our Christmas Specials FAQ

Can I order from Hillsong Store Canada for delivery outside Canada?

Overseas delivery is available. However, the free shipping is only available for delivery within Canada.


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