Which Resources Are Included in the Christmas Specials?

We have Christmas Specials available across all stores: 

Hillsong Store US, Hillsong Store AU, Hillsong Stora Canada, Hillsong Store EU and Hillsong Store UK

What are included in the specials?


The Sisterhood by Bobbie Houston (25% off)
Live Love Lead Devotional (25% off)
Songs of Heaven by Amanda Fergusson, 2nd Edition
Stay The Path Christmas Special Combo - Buy the book and receive "God Save The World" t-shirt

Study Guides:

You Are the One Study Guide (5 for $25 / AU & US stores)
A Platform Called Credibility Study Guide (5 for $25 / AU & US stores)
Natural Solution to Spiritual Problems Study Guide (5 for $25 / AU & US stores)


Buy the Celebrate BIG Curriculum and receive "It's Christmas" free.
Buy Hillsong Kids Season 1 curriculum and receive Season 2 at 40% off
Live Love Lead Study Pack (50% off)

Teaching DVDs:

Funny Man Dan "Hello" (33% off)
Natural Solution to Spiritual Problems 1 & 2 (40% Off)
My Spirit My Responsibility (40% Off)
Healthy Leadership Culture by Brian Houston (50% Off) 

Christmas Albums: (USA, Canada, AU, EU, UK)

The Peace Project
We have a Saviour

Digital Audio:

Peace Has Come 
Born is The King
It's Christmas
Celebrating Christmas

Christmas for Worship Team: (USA, Canada, AU, EU, UK)

Of Dirt and Grace
Youth Revival
Open Heaven/ River Wild 
No Other Name
Glorious Ruins


Buy any Y&F shirt and receive "Youth Revival" on CD/DVD for free
Previously released United shirts: $10
Previously released Y&F and Colour shirts: $15
Previously released Y&F and Colour sweatshirts: $25
Tote Bags: 40%-50% off


'Brave Women Runs in My Family' Mug (AU Only)
Various Journals : 365 Heart Set On Pilgrimage, Closer, Colour 2017, Live Love Lead, Echo Come, Thy Kingdom Come, The Spirit & The Bride (50% Off)
Colour Gloves (AU Only)

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