How do I download Kids Digital Curriculum?

When you purchase digital curriculum, you should receive an email within 24 hours from VHX, the platform we use for all digital curriculum.

The same email address will be used to create your VHX account that was used to order the curriculum through our webstore. You are able to click the VHX link sent to you via email or visit the website directly,

(If you did not receive the VHX email or you're trying to access it immediately following purchase, please go to, enter your email, and create your password before following the steps below.)

Step 1: 

  • In the upper right corner, click on SIGN IN
  • Enter your email address and click NEXT


Step 2:

  • Once you can see all the videos included in your new curriculum, click on an individual video



Step 3 Options:

  • Stream the video - Drag your courser over the video for the play button to appear
  • Download the Video - Click VIDEO DOWNLOADS and choose the quality of video
  • Download the Print Material - Click BONUS DOWNLOADS and choose Digital Audio and/or Print Materials



Unfortunately there is not an option to download everything at once. You must stream or download each video individually. 

Note: The higher the resolution, the better quality the video will be. However, it also means it's a larger file which will take longer to download and occupy more storage on your hard drive. 


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