UNITED Wonder Album Credits


  1. WONDER WORDS & MUSIC BY: Joel Houston & Matt Crocker, LEAD VOCAL: Matt Crocker
  2. SHADOW STEP WORDS & MUSIC BY: Joel Houston & Michael Guy Chislett, LEAD VOCAL: Taya Smith 
  3. FUTURE MARCHED IN WORDS & MUSIC BY: Matt Crocker & Joel Houston, LEAD VOCAL: Matt Crocker
  4. SO WILL I (100 BILLION X) WORDS & MUSIC BY: Joel Houston, Benjamin Hastings, Michael Fatkin, LEAD VOCAL: Benjamin Hastings
  5. SPLINTERS AND STONES WORDS & MUSIC BY: Joel Houston & Michael Guy Chislett, LEAD VOCAL: Joel Houston & Taya Smith
  6. GLIMMER IN THE DUST WORDS & MUSIC BY: Joel Houston, Dylan Thomas, Aodhan King & Benjamin Hastings, LEAD VOCAL: Taya Smith & Jad Gillies
  7. GREATEST OF THESE WORDS & MUSIC BY: Joel Houston, LEAD VOCAL: Joel Houston & Brooke Ligertwood
  8. SHAPE OF YOUR HEART WORDS & MUSIC BY: Matt Crocker & Joel Houston, LEAD VOCAL: Matt Crocker
  9. NOT TODAY WORDS & MUSIC BY: Joel Houston & Matt Crocker, LEAD VOCAL: Taya Smith
  10. LIFE WORDS & MUSIC BY: Joel Houston & Michael Guy Chislett, LEAD VOCAL: Michelle Cook & Jonathon Douglass
  11. RAIN/REIGN WORDS & MUSIC BY: Matt Crocker & Joel Houston, LEAD VOCAL: Jad Gillies & Courtney Tennikoff
  12. WATER TO WINE WORDS & MUSIC BY: Joel Houston, LEAD VOCAL: Joel Houston

MANAGER: Jason Strong / TOUR MANAGER: Luke Webb / PROJECT MANAGER: Matthew Capper / MIXED BY: Sam Gibson at Cardiff Creative Lab, UK / MASTERED BY: Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound /

RECORDED AT: Record Plant - Hollywood, USA, Mandala House - Bali, Baxter House Studios - Sydney, Australia, The Base Recording Studios - South Melbourne, Australia (Strings and Horns) & Golddust Studios - Sydney, Australia

RECORD ENGINEERS: James Rudder, Ben Whincop, Michael Guy Chislett, Grant Konemann & Phil Threlfall (Strings And Horns) / ADDITIONAL ENGINEERING: Ben Tan, Ben Tennikoff, Dylan Thomas, Michael Zuvella & Phil Blackbourn / RECORD PLANT ASSISTANT ENGINEERS: Tim McClain & Chris Dennis / GOLDDUST STUDIOS ASSISTANT ENGINEERS: Michael Cuthbertson & Nate Balderston / ASSISTANT PROJECT MANAGER: Kris Hodge / ART CONCEPT & DIRECTOR: Joel Houston / ART: Jay Argaet & Nathan Cahyadi / ADDITIONAL DESIGN: Hillsong Communications

LEAD VOCALS: Benjamin Hastings, Jad Gillies, Joel Houston, Jonathan “JD” Douglass, Matt Crocker & Taya Smith
ADDITIONAL VOCALS: Brooke Ligertwood, Courtney Tennikoff & Michelle Cook

DRUMS: Simon Kobler / BASS: Jihea Oh, Matt Tennikoff & Ben Whincop / MOOG BASS: Matt Tennikoff & Ben Tennikoff / ELECTRIC GUITARS: Dylan Thomas, Jad Gillies, Joel Houston & Michael Guy Chislett / PIANO: Ben Tennikoff, Dylan Thomas, Joel Houston, Matt Crocker & Daniel McMurray / SYNTHESIZERS: Ben Tennikoff, Dylan Thomas, Michael Guy Chislett, Joel Houston, Ben Tan & Matt Crocker / MOOG THEREMIN: Ben Tennikoff, Dylan Thomas & Michael Guy Chislett / ACOUSTIC GUITARS: Joel Houston, Dylan Thomas, Jad Gillies, & Michael Guy Chislett / STRING ARRANGEMENTS: Ben Tennikoff, Dylan Thomas, Michael Guy Chislett & Jared Haschek / VIOLIN: Imelda Yalcin, Alyssa Conrau & Lisa Reynolds / VIOLA: Leah Zweck / CELLO: Blair Harris / FLUGEL HORN & TRUMPET: Tom Kenneth / TROMBONE: Caleb Webb / FRENCH HORN: Rob Shirley & Abbey Edlin / GLOCKENSPIEL: Ben Tennikoff & Dylan Thomas / PERCUSSION: Simon Kobler, Daniel McMurray, Ben Tennikoff, Michael Guy Chislett & Grant Konemann / PROGRAMMING: Ben Tennikoff, Dylan Thomas, Simon Kobler, Grant Konemann, Michael Guy Chislett & Ben Tan

CHOIR DIRECTOR: Dee Uluirewa / CHOIR: Hillsong Team / KIDS CHOIR: Willow Toganivalu, Indie Douglass, Zoe Kingston, Paris Morton, Madison Garratt & Hannah David / GOSPEL ENSEMBLE: Dee Uluirewa, Danniebelle Whippy, Rachel Helms, Kris Hodge, Taga Paa, Rika Setu-Galo & Jason Temu / GUITAR TECHNICIAN: Marcus Beaumont / DRUM TECHNICIAN: Daniel McMurray

THANKS TO MOOG Music INC, Billy Siegle at Fender Musical Instruments, Jon at Cusack Music, Seth Bass at Guitar Center Hollywood, C&C Drum CO., Heartbeat Percussion, Promark, Evans Drumheads, Ernie Ball, Rich Renken from KRK, Tom Cusimano from KORG, Jason and Trent, Tyler Chester, Eka Mutty and a special thanks to Drew Shirley and Chad Butler

SPECIAL APPEARANCES: Zion Houston & Elliott Guy Chislett


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